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October 15, 2016

Welcome, Adoring Fans!

I had to use that title, I’m kind of a big deal if you know what I mean…

Alright some quick stats to start this thing off: Andrew Havilland – 32. Tech fan-boy. I’m a gadget hoarder, and part-time mad scientist. Spend my days working as a barista, and my nights dreaming of owning a cyber/tech lounge while doing IT freelancing. The world’s worst ninja.

Ok, first off I just have to put it out there because I’m just a bit preoccupied: is everyone as excited as I am about Zelda: Breath of the Wild? No? Okay, well you should be. Let me explain you a thing: the map will be NINE TIMES the size of the Skyrim map! Let me repeat that so it can properly sink in my friends: THE SIZE OF THE BOTW MAP WILL BE 9X THE SIZE OF THE SKYRIM MAP! The Dungeons ALONE will be the size of the 64’s Hyrule Field! This game is going to take a huge chunk of my life, and I’m already geeking out beyond belief – a chunk of time that I will willingly give up. Take my time and take my money!

If you landed on this page and want to head over to the home page, try this link: Havilland Online.

More later, gotta jet to get me some caffeine…

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